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2-Day Private Tour to Machu Picchu With Sacred ...
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Embark on this 2-day private tour of Machu Picchu with a professional guide on hand. Discover the beautiful landscape of the sacred valley and Peruvian geography. ¨well known as the Andes¨. Enjoy an unforgettable adventure touring in the archeological sites of the inca culture Like Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Salt Mines valley, Moray agricultural laboratory as you interact with locals and get the knowledge of the Culture and customs that will be provided by your host tourism addition We will enjoy the trip in one of the Vista Trains that runs from sacred valley to Machupicchu Town. enjoy the stay in the peaceful town sorrounded by the forest of Machupicchu.Our great tour will be visiting the great and remarkable Machupicchu archeological Inca site. enjoy and walk around the most incredible paths that will remind yuo the histoty of the ancient Society. Finally we will embark the train back to Cusco.

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